Senior React Developer (m/w/d)

About marktguru

marktguru is a location-based service helping users to find offers, leaflets, brochures, stores and opening hours in the vicinity of the user’s geolocation.

Furthermore, the user has the chance to save real money on his in-store or online purchases by using marktguru cashback deals.

As a part of one of the leading media companies worldwide the ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE marktguru is in the position to create a large user base with the help of TV-commercials on 6 different TV-channels and a leading online platform portfolio.

If you would like to join an energetic and highly motivated team and work in a dynamic, high-energy, high-growth field where you can make a real impact and influence the product every single day then join us and become a part of marktguru.

YOU know:

  •  JavaScript/Typescript (duh!)
  • React/Preact (but of course you have been around long enough to take part in a heated discussion why framework x is better than framework y when push comes to shove)
  • Function components
  • Hooks (yes, all of them)
  • State management/data flow: props, events, redux, context api
  • How to structure component hierarchies and split responsibilities
  • HTML beyond
  • CSS aside from less, sass, bootstrap, tailwind, css-in-js
  • JavaScript build pipelines (and the traps and pitfalls when it comes to configuring them)
  • How to work with open source, i.e. feature branches, pull requests, merge conflicts, code reviews

WE use:

  •  All of the above, plus
  • Gatsby, GraphQL, DatoCMS
  • GitHub Actions, Netlify, Microsoft Azure
  • Pre-rendering, Service Worker and proper markup as a pillar of our strong SEO standing
  • Jest, testing-library, ESLint, webpack
  • Create-react-app, preact-cli templates
  • Maybe Next.js soon?

WE almost never brag about:

  • That ‘Best App Award’ we won in 2018
  • and 2019
  • and uhm, well, 2020 too
  • Google ranking as ‘one of the top PWAs in 2020’
    (we’re working on the ‘one of’ part)

WE offer YOU:

  • Work from home (yes, also post COVID)
  • The chance to build things the right way (until the pieces fall into place naturally)
  • To pick the right tool for the job
  • A flat hierarchy (you can hardly call it that, actually)
  • Good payment (no BTC, but happy to have heated discussions about the best coin once we’ve run out of js frameworks to argue over)
  • a warm welcome!

SOLID payment (see what we did there?)

The small print: The minimum salary denoted for legal reasons and according to the collective agreement (IT KV) is € 43,316. Of course, your actual salary will be in line with the market and depends on your qualifications and professional experience.

Weyrgasse 8, 1030 Wien